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Flowers Japan was perfect to wish my daughter happy birthday and show that I care about when I couldn’t get my words together. The roses they sent were beautiful, and she absolutely loved it.

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5 Fantastic Reasons to Give Roses

Roses are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet  it is one of the flowers which contains both external beauty and its color and its structure and it also contains the sweet fragrance that it gives out  to the person having the flower  uses of different views arranged perfectly can convey a very meaningful message to its receiver, It is no wonder that many people prefer roses to be grown in their fields as it yields a much higher income in the produce; hence roses are preferred  to be the best of the flowers and also considered to be a flower which conveys a lot of meaning two with receiver.

Rose flower

Red Rose to your Valentine.

The  Red tint found  in a rose can help rekindle  lost love that you had for a person by gifting it to them you can also give a rose in order to show how much you love them there are many things that can be said when you are giving a rose  to a person whom you love, and it can be interpreted in a multiple different ways  this is the reason yRed Roses are always considered  to be  the Insignia to convey a message of love.

Black roses to a foe.

This is a very recent hybridized colour of rose most of the time black roses are given to a person whom you don’t wish much luck or  whose welfare you really don’t care about black roses symbolise hatred, bitterness,  anger,   hence make sure that you don’t give a black rose to a person who has lost a loved one  Though it make convey  what the situation is but it is not  conveying the love and affection and care that you have for the person whom you are giving the rose to, hence  look at the occasion where you are going to and accordingly by the color of rose.


White rose for peace

This is a rose that you can give to a person whom you  have a disagreement with and this has resulted in your friendship being broken,  this is one of the best flowers that you can give in order to re-kindle that broken friendship   you can also give it during a marriage and also during a  death anniversary these are some of the times that you can give a white rose to another person.

Pink rose On Mother’s Day.

Pink is the color of rose in which you can use in order to showcase your appreciation your gratitude and also the love that you have for the person to whom you are giving the rose, this rose is given most of the time to your mother on Mother’s Day and also sometimes to your lover if she has really been a caring person who has been by your side to help you and support you.

These are some of the reasons that you should give a rose and also the color of Rose that you have to use  for any given occasion

Flowers you should never give someone

Flowers are considered as the best gift anyone can give to anyone is almost like a greeting card with a written message in it, but in flower each of these beauties have a meaning to it, and they have a beautiful design and color you can enjoy, and sometimes it also gives out really sweet fragrances and creates a really good mood to the person who has been gifted with this bouquet or the flower. There have also been many times where a person gave a flower that meant something negative to their loved one, and they regret sending the flower

Yellow Flower

Hence here is a list of flowers that you should never send it to another person until and unless you mean it (literally).

Aconite or otherwise called as monkshood.

This is a flower that you can send it to one of your enemies and not to your loved one as doing this can put you in a very bad place, and you will have great trouble in explaining to the person as to why you sent that particular flower without knowing what the flower symbolizes. The flower symbolizes hatred and warning the person to stay away from you. This will be even better if you are sending this flower to a person whom you don’t like and if they don’t understand the meaning of the flower you can have fun in doing this.


This is another flower that you have to really think before you give it to any person, as this flower means deep thinking and if the person who is given this flower is very keen on having a deep-thinking you will have made them feel that you are sarcastic and you will have upset them and if they are your loved ones it makes it even much worse so make sure do your background research before you give a flower anyone.


This is a very beautiful flower if you look at it, this is a very beautiful flower that you can give to a child and make them very happy, but never make the mistake of giving this flower to an adult or an elderly person as this flower symbolizes childishness, and this can really hurt the person very deeply, this is also one of the flowers that you will have to never give to the person whom you love, or your loved one as this will destroy your relationship with them very deeply.

Butterfly weed

Under no circumstance should you give this flower to anybody as this one of the most dangerous flowers that you can give to anyone, as this literally means leave me or be warned with such a bad meaning it will not be wise for you to even think of giving this flower to anybody including your enemies  as this might look something you really don’t mean  and they might challenge you into something that you are not ready for thus it is essential to know what your research before you give a flower to anybody.

How to give flowers?

This is one of the most important art that we will have to know if we are going to give a flower as a gift to another person, many times we think we know how to give the right flowers to the right person but after we have failed in doing it and after having earned the disapproval of the receiver only then you will begin to do a research as to what is the flower that can be gifted and for what occasion should they be given in, certain steps will have to be followed in order to give the right flower to the right person at the right time here are some of the steps.

Right pic of flowers.

This is the first and most important step that you will have to do in order to begin the process of gifting the right kind of bouquet to the person, this step begins with you choosing the right kind of flower which conveys a certain meaning and it also speaks to the receiver and tells them how you feel about them , After having picked out the flower make sure you put the flowers in an arrangement which is loved by the receiver also add in a few beautiful filler flowers, also make sure that you checked the season in which you want to give the flower, make sure that the flower that you are giving perfectly captures what you want to say and also the beauty of the season.

Pic of Flower

Nailing in the presentation of the flower.

This is another most important thing that we forget to do when we are presenting a person with a flower here are a few ideas that you can use so that you can present the flower perfectly. The cheapest way to work this out is by wrapping a plastic sheet and tying it with a bow, another way to enhance the look would be by adding few freshly cut roses, Another way is to add a personalized note in the bouquet or make an elaborate floral arrangement to make it look full and neat.

The way you give says it all:

There are various ways you can give the bouquet to a person one of the best ways to do is to give it to them in person another way that this can be done by placing the bouquet in a place where it can be found by the person to whom it is intended to reach, you can also deliver the bouquet through a delivery service not necessarily does you delivery service have to be paid you can also send one of your friends or any other person you trust to the place the flower has to be delivered this can save your money and can also be sure that the work will be done to perfection.

This is how you will have to gift a flower or a bouquet to another person.

Top 10 reasons to send flowers.

Everyone has their reason as to why the flowers should be used as at present to be sent to another person, if you feel that other gifts can satisfy the receiver much more than dissatisfaction he/she gets from a bouquet, it is not quite accurate as the flowers have a much that appeal then the gifts, to this day there is nothing that can take the place of a flower and satisfy another person flowers are unique, and it’s nature’s way of expressing its beauty to us thus when a flower is given, it conveys meaning on another level makes the receiver feel special.

Showing the love that you have.

Flowers have always done an exceptional job when it comes to the factor of expressing the feelings that a person holds to another exceptionally well this is the reason why men take time to go into a flower shop and ask for the best suggestion that they can get to give a flower on a particular occasion, But make sure that you give that right flower for the right occasion else there is a high possibility that you might give a wrong flower and gain the displeasure of the person.

Brings smile

Brings a smile

flowers are one of the best things that you can give to a person who is deeply depressed or is feeling down emotionally a flower which conveys the right meaning given to them will brighten them up and get their energy back to its normal state, if you do not believe this you can take a bunch of flowers to an old age home filled with people who most of the time I very sad lonely or depressed, when a flower is given to them it drastically changes their mood, and they have a smile on their face when they see these beautiful flowers.

Best things to give while asking sorry.

As said earlier flowers drastically change the mood of a person even if they are sad or displeased or angry, the flowers soothes the emotional strain in the person’s mind, when you are going to ask for pardon, flowers are the best thing that you can take along with you in order that you can make the person whom you hurt happy again.


Flowers show sympathy and kindness.

One of the main reasons why there are lots of flowers given to a person when he or she loses someone who is near and dear to him or her as it soothes the mind of the person And help him/her cope this difficult phrase in their time and also helps them get back to their normal emotional state at the earliest.

Flowers are always and will always be the best gift that you can give for any occasion and still makes sure that you are by them whatever the occasion be.

Flowers create lasting memories

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