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Flowers are considered as the best gift anyone can give to anyone is almost like a greeting card with a written message in it, but in flower each of these beauties have a meaning to it, and they have a beautiful design and color you can enjoy, and sometimes it also gives out really sweet fragrances and creates a really good mood to the person who has been gifted with this bouquet or the flower. There have also been many times where a person gave a flower that meant something negative to their loved one, and they regret sending the flower

Yellow Flower

Hence here is a list of flowers that you should never send it to another person until and unless you mean it (literally).

Aconite or otherwise called as monkshood.

This is a flower that you can send it to one of your enemies and not to your loved one as doing this can put you in a very bad place, and you will have great trouble in explaining to the person as to why you sent that particular flower without knowing what the flower symbolizes. The flower symbolizes hatred and warning the person to stay away from you. This will be even better if you are sending this flower to a person whom you don’t like and if they don’t understand the meaning of the flower you can have fun in doing this.


This is another flower that you have to really think before you give it to any person, as this flower means deep thinking and if the person who is given this flower is very keen on having a deep-thinking you will have made them feel that you are sarcastic and you will have upset them and if they are your loved ones it makes it even much worse so make sure do your background research before you give a flower anyone.


This is a very beautiful flower if you look at it, this is a very beautiful flower that you can give to a child and make them very happy, but never make the mistake of giving this flower to an adult or an elderly person as this flower symbolizes childishness, and this can really hurt the person very deeply, this is also one of the flowers that you will have to never give to the person whom you love, or your loved one as this will destroy your relationship with them very deeply.

Butterfly weed

Under no circumstance should you give this flower to anybody as this one of the most dangerous flowers that you can give to anyone, as this literally means leave me or be warned with such a bad meaning it will not be wise for you to even think of giving this flower to anybody including your enemies  as this might look something you really don’t mean  and they might challenge you into something that you are not ready for thus it is essential to know what your research before you give a flower to anybody.