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Roses are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet  it is one of the flowers which contains both external beauty and its color and its structure and it also contains the sweet fragrance that it gives out  to the person having the flower  uses of different views arranged perfectly can convey a very meaningful message to its receiver, It is no wonder that many people prefer roses to be grown in their fields as it yields a much higher income in the produce; hence roses are preferred  to be the best of the flowers and also considered to be a flower which conveys a lot of meaning two with receiver.

Rose flower

Red Rose to your Valentine.

The  Red tint found  in a rose can help rekindle  lost love that you had for a person by gifting it to them you can also give a rose in order to show how much you love them there are many things that can be said when you are giving a rose  to a person whom you love, and it can be interpreted in a multiple different ways  this is the reason yRed Roses are always considered  to be  the Insignia to convey a message of love.

Black roses to a foe.

This is a very recent hybridized colour of rose most of the time black roses are given to a person whom you don’t wish much luck or  whose welfare you really don’t care about black roses symbolise hatred, bitterness,  anger,   hence make sure that you don’t give a black rose to a person who has lost a loved one  Though it make convey  what the situation is but it is not  conveying the love and affection and care that you have for the person whom you are giving the rose to, hence  look at the occasion where you are going to and accordingly by the color of rose.


White rose for peace

This is a rose that you can give to a person whom you  have a disagreement with and this has resulted in your friendship being broken,  this is one of the best flowers that you can give in order to re-kindle that broken friendship   you can also give it during a marriage and also during a  death anniversary these are some of the times that you can give a white rose to another person.

Pink rose On Mother’s Day.

Pink is the color of rose in which you can use in order to showcase your appreciation your gratitude and also the love that you have for the person to whom you are giving the rose, this rose is given most of the time to your mother on Mother’s Day and also sometimes to your lover if she has really been a caring person who has been by your side to help you and support you.

These are some of the reasons that you should give a rose and also the color of Rose that you have to use  for any given occasion