What flowers are purple?

What flowers are naturally purple?

  • Types of Purple Flowers.
  • Verbena.
  • Lavender.
  • Clematis.
  • Bellflower.
  • Dwarf Iris.
  • Balloon Flower.
  • Catmint.

What are the purple flowers in my garden?

Plant some of these vivacious purple flowers in your garden and enjoy the bold, colorful blooms all season long.

  • Courtesy Michaela Heilig. Lavender. …
  • Bellflower. Campanula spp., Zones 3 to 9. …
  • Dwarf Iris. Iris reticulata, Zones 4 to 9. …
  • Balloon Flower. Platycodon, Zones 3 to 9. …
  • Catmint. Nepeta, Zones 3 to 8. …
  • Salvia.

What is a purple plant?

Verbena. If you have hot weather plant Verbena in your garden. These plants thrive in hot, humid summers and bloom through mid-fall. They have four-sided stems with spikes of funnel-shaped purple flowers that sprout between mounding greenery. They grow from 6-18 inches tall and spread from 18-36 inches wide.

What do purple roses mean?

Purple Roses

Lavender roses, by contrast, mean “love at first sight.” Like it’s dark purple counterpart, this sentiment is coupled with a sense of enchantment, but the message is much more direct with lavender roses.

What flower is purple and white?

Flowers in various shades of purple and white, including clematis, delphinium, wishbone flower, dianthus, daisy, and sweet William, are accented by foliage-focused plants tinged with the same color combination, such as coleus and New Zealand flax.

What is the name of a tree with purple flowers?

Jacaranda Tree

What are the blue and purple flowers called?

Grape Hyacinth

Hyacinth bulbs bloom in spring, producing clusters of tiny blue or purple flowers that resemble grapes. Grape Hyacinth are the perfect flowers for attracting birds to your yard, and their blue coloring is stunning. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Needs well-drained soil.

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What are tall purple flowers?

13 Popular Purple Flowering Perennials

  • Allium. These large, globe-shaped flowers bring a touch of whimsy to a spring garden. …
  • Catmint. Plants don’t get any tougher than catmint. …
  • Hydrangea. …
  • May Night Sage (Salvia) …
  • Clematis. …
  • Lavender. …
  • Coneflowers. …
  • Verbena.

What plant is purple and green?

The Purple Velvet plant is an incredibly unusual houseplant, which features green leaves covered in tiny, purple hairs. From a distance, the hairs are so dense that they give the impression of the leaves having a soft velvety texture, in a vibrant purple color.

How many types of purple flowers are there?

62 Types

Are there purple roses?

There is no true purple rose in the purest sense. The category of purple roses includes the colors of lilac, blue, plum and lavender. … The purple rose first made an appearance in the only 1800s. The purple rose was a hybrid of the standard European rose with the variety of roses introduced from China.

What does a pink rose mean?

Pink: Pink roses are given to express your admiration of someone’s refinement, elegance or femininity. Darker shades of pink convey a sense of appreciation, while pale pinks are generally used to give a sense of admiration, joy or gentleness.

What do dark purple roses mean?


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