What zone am i in for planting flowers?

How do I know my gardening zone?

You can determine your gardening zone at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture website. You can either enter your ZIP code or, for even more precision, use the interactive map to click down to within a half-mile of your home.

What zone is TN in for planting?

Tennessee is comprised of seven USDA hardiness zones: 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, and 8a. Northern areas in zone 5b experience the state’s lowest temperatures dipping to minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

What zone is Minnesota in for planting flowers?

The new USDA plant hardiness map for 2012 indicates that Minnesota growing zones include 3a and 3b in the northerly regions, 4a in the middle of the state and 4b in the south. An extremely tiny pocket of warmer winter low temperatures exists in the most southerly location and is categorized as 5a.

What zone is Maine in for planting?

Maine spans Plant Hardiness Zones 3-6. Each zone is based on the 30-year average of the single coldest temperature recorded each winter. Zone 3 is 10 degrees F colder than Zone 4, etc. In addition, each zone is split in half.

Where is zone 6 planting?

It stretches south and west through Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, and even parts of New Mexico and Arizona before turning northwest up through Utah and Nevada, ending in Washington state. If you live in zone 6, you may be scoffing at the idea of lows like this because you’re used to warmer or colder temperatures.

What is a zone 8?

The Zone 8 region covers the coasts from West to East but most states fall in the south. There are 20 states, plus Washington, D.C., with hardiness zone 8 areas.

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What zone is Nashville for planting?


What fruit grows well in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s climate supports the growth of a number of fruits. These include pears, plums, apples, cherries, grapes and persimmon. In addition to these fruit trees nuts trees like Chinese chestnut, pecan, hazelnut and black walnut also grow and produce very well in Tennessee.

What grows well in Tennessee?

Try these 10 vegetables that offer some of the best bang for the buck:

  • Tomatoes. They’re not the easiest crops to grow in areas that are prone to blight diseases and high heat, but the payoff is huge. …
  • Peppers. …
  • Cucumbers. …
  • Asparagus. …
  • Onions/leeks/shallots/garlic. …
  • Lettuce. …
  • Squash. …
  • Rhubarb.

When can I plant in Zone 4?

Zone 4. Zone 4 has a shorter growing season than most others in the USDA garden zones. A last frost date around mid-May and a first frost date around mid-September means a frost-free season from the beginning of June through early September.

What plants are good for Zone 7b?

Hardiness Zone: 7

  • Apples.
  • Arugula.
  • Asparagus.
  • Asters.
  • Astilbe.
  • Basil.
  • Bee Balm.
  • Beets.

What zone is Zone 5?

Zone 5 is one of 13 USDA Hardiness Zones (United States Department of Agriculture). Each zone is divided into two subsets. Zone 5 subsets are 5a and 5b.

Zone 5 States.AlaskaMichiganCaliforniaMinnesotaColoradoMissouriConnecticutMontanaЕщё 6 столбцов

When can you start planting in Maine?

Plant when soil and sun are warm. PLANTS: Broccoli.

Maine Vegetable Gardening: Keep Your Garden Growing — Plant from Spring to Fall.Planting Seeds IndoorsLeeksWeeks to Sow Indoors Before Last Frost10-12Weeks to Germination2-3Set Out TransplantsMid to late springЕщё 10 столбцов

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What growing zone is Southern Maine?

On the new map, the midcoast of Maine and the southern portion of York County have moved from zone 5b to zone 6a. The rest of the area along the Maine coast, including parts between the new 6a zones, remains at 5b. The average annual extreme cold temperature in zone 5b is minus 10 to minus 15 degrees.

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